Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Black Bird

Picture of a Blackbird on a hedge. He was singing his heart out and puffing his chest out and was clearly very proud of himself. I just had to take a picture!


  1. Hi - found you via Lakeland Jo who recommended a visit. I can certainly see why - your photos are lovely (even the fly I suppose!)
    I love the birds, always enjoy shots of them and will look in again.


    PS the baby robin shot is gorgeous - is it in your garden?

  2. Your photos are amazing...just beautiful.
    Seriously though, when Lakeland Jo said go see: "BS Photography" I thought at first the BS meant "bull S*%#", cause that is the way my mind works.

  3. Came over from Lakeland Jo's as well. What beautiful photography. Love the Blackbird, and the little Wren. I have wren's here. They look a bit different in the USA, then your wren. The Baby Robin is beautiful, too. And I love the deer. I have lots of deer in my woods and often take pictures of them. We have the white tail deer. I will follow your blog to get updates on when you post new pictures. You have a very nice new blog!

    Best wishes,


  4. Hi, Jo sent me. Beautiful shots - I love the dogs!

  5. Jo sent me over as well, great shots,

    Gill in Canada, a fellow Cumbrian!!!

  6. Thanks all! Great to hear my Pictures are ok! I will be checking out your blogs soon too!


  7. Hi B.S.- Came across your blog through another blog, that's how it goes. Your photos are very nice and I encourage you to keep up with it- this is something that could become your job some day later in life. How much fun would that be?

    If you would like to visit my blog sometime, please do. I take photos too and I am an artist.

    Enjoyed your photos and reading what you wrote.

    Leslie Rubio