Friday, 19 December 2008


Don't worry. There isn't an invasion of giant spiders! For this picture, I was sitting in my car, when I saw this spider crawling up the window on the outside of the car. So I got my camera and zoomed in close to get the effect that it was on my lens. Appologies to all those who dislike the eight legged kind.

Busy Bee

A bee on a bush! Taken near where I live. I was lucky not to get stung because it was swarming with Bees on the bush and my muscles ached from the strain of being in all sorts of positions to get the shot.

Swans and Signets

Swans and Signets now, at Lake Windermere!

Young Sea Gull

I took this picture on holiday in Gairloch, at the harbour. The bird still has its baby colours hence the brown speckles.