Friday, 19 December 2008


Don't worry. There isn't an invasion of giant spiders! For this picture, I was sitting in my car, when I saw this spider crawling up the window on the outside of the car. So I got my camera and zoomed in close to get the effect that it was on my lens. Appologies to all those who dislike the eight legged kind.


  1. Great shot of the spider, BS. I think they're interesting creatures, from afar, of course!

    Best wishes,


  2. Don't mind the smaller variety but the big ones - ughh!

  3. I don't mind spiders so much-just gotta make sure they don't bite you. Many of them are quite beautiful with their designs and colors. I especially love how they spin their beautiful webs. Nice photo!


  4. Wow that is a great spider. Another wildlife nut!! Yay!!! My ultimate dream is to go to Kruger National Park and do nothing but paint and draw the wildlife there. Great Blog. I picked yours up off Leslie's Flowers of Life and I see wonderful Renie if following as well.Neat!!

    Take care and Merry Christmas and now you will have another follower
    All the Best
    Liz NZ

    PS Blogging is addictive...

  5. Just found you after following a link from Jo. Beautiful photos. I'll look forward to following you in the coming year. Merry Christmas, Margaret